On 26-th June a brokers' meeting Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) Info day on calls for Proposals 2015 was organized in Brussels in Borschette Center. It was dedicated for announced and planned subjects of research and development projects within BBI activity.

Over 400 participants from research institutions (universities, research institutes, technology centers), governmental organizations and big and small business enterprises from EU countries, including 4 people from Poland, took part in the meeting. It was a chance to promote New Chemical Syntheses Institute in international public and to present our offer to potential clients and co-operation possibilities in terms of bio-mass processing and application of final products. INS was represented by Marcin Konkol, D.Sc. and Piotr Rusek ,D.Sc.

A video stream from a presentation part of the meeting is available on BBI site.

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