Between 29th February to 3rd March, 2016, the XXIX-th Nitrogen+Syngas 2016 Conference took place in Berlin. It is one of the most important technological events in the nitrogen industry. The newest technologies, market tendencies and new investments were presented.

This year conference attracted an unprecedented number of participants, reaching about 730 people from over 50 different countries including almost 70 exhibitors. One of them was our New Chemical Syntheses Institute, which made publicity for its own catalysts and technologies for the 5th time now. Taking part in the exhibition reinforces our Institute’s position on the catalysts’ world market. Right beside the Polish Catalysts Users and Producers Symposium organized by our Institute in the fall, this Conference provides an excellent opportunity to promote the Institute as well as for sharing experiences and opinions between the catalysts’ users – says the Head of the Technologies and Catalysts Sales and Marketing Department, Dariusz Bielak


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