We are pleased to invite you to International Conference on Supercritical Fluid Technologies and Applications „Supercritical fluids – the current state and outlook” organized by New Chemical Syntheses Insitute.

The conference will be held on 20-21 of October 2016 in Puławy.

Conference venue: Puławy Science and Technology Park/Puławski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, (ul. Ignacego Mościckiego 1, 24-110 Puławy, POLAND)

Session topics:

  • basic research in the field of supercritical extraction
  • production, purification and separation of plant extracts
  • methods for analysis of extract composition
  • applications of extracts in cosmetics, food industry, pharmaceutical insudstry etc.

Declaration of participation till: 20.09.2016 r.

For more information visit: www.icsfta.ins.pulawy.pl

Download invitation

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