The New Chemical Syntheses Institute presents the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers that is a part of the process of obtaining the Logo HR Excellence in Research. In April 2016 a Working Group (WG) for obtaining the Logo HR was appointed.

The WG assumed the strategy to carry out the gap analysis of the provisions and recommendations provided in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers (the Charter and Code in short) and current practices and legal documents in force in INS. The next stage of internal analysis was to carry out an anonymous survey among researchers and research-technical employees. The WG presented the results of the analysis of internal regulations and results of the internal survey to Directors of the Institute and heads of departments. The conducted analysis enabled the WG to identify 11 out of 40 principles contained in the Charter&Code where certain actions are to be taken in order to eliminate existing gaps. The Action Plan was proposed in order to ensure and/or improve alignment with the Charter & Code principles.

HR strategy for INS (pdf)

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