Between 27 Febr.- 2 March 2017, the 30th Nitrogen + Syngas Conference took place in London, which is a very distinguished event in the nitrogen field. During the conference, the newest technological developments, market trends and new investments were presented.

The jubilee edition of the conference hosted over 700 participants from several dozen countries, including almost 70 exhibitors. Over three decades of its existence, Nitogen+Syngas has become the most prominent technical conference in the chemical industry, during which the greatest companies present their technological solutions and conduct analyses of possible improvements of the production process. Therefore, the Institute could not have been omitted to have presented its offer in terms of its technology and catalysts.

It is very worth mentioning that this yearly Nitrogen+Syngas conference is one of such events, of which the number of members, including the producers, licensors and suppliers, is growing continuously. Consequently, visitors of the stands have a very good opportunity to get familiar with the field’s full offer. It is also a great occasion to present the company and share mutual opinions and experiences.


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