During the XX-th Moscow International Inventions and Innovating Technologies „ARCHIMEDES 2017” Expo (Moscow, 16-19.05.2017), the New Chemical Syntheses Institute was awarded with two golden medals for the following inventions:

  • A supporting catalyst for the nitric oxide (I) emission reduction especially from the nitric acid plant and its method of manufacture (in collaboration with the Jagiellonian University); authors: Marcin Wilk, Marek Inger, Monika Ruszak, Magdalena Saramok, Paweł Kowalik, Katarzyna Antoniak-Jurak, Zbigniew Sojka, Andrzej Kotarba, Gabriela Grzybek, Paweł Stelmachowski, Sylwia Gurdyka, Paulina Indyka
  • Method of manufacturing promoted with cerium and barium cobalt catalysts for a low-temperature ammonia synthesis (in collaboration with the Warsaw Polytechnics); authors: Paweł Kowalik, Katarzyna Antoniak-Jurak, Paweł Wiercioch, Wioletta Raróg–Pilecka, Magdalena Zybert, Aleksandra Tarka

This year’s jubilee exhibition of inventions included about 800 inventions from 18 different countries.

The patronage of the event was performed by The Main Council of the Research Institutes and The Science Woman Foundation and the organizing partner was the Polish Republic Embassy Department for Commercial and Investment Promotion in Moscow.


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