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The New Chemical Syntheses Institute and Warsaw University of Technology received a gold medal on the 69th International Trade Fair iENA 2017 - Ideas, Inventions, New Products. The prize was awarded for the invention Promoted cobalt catalyst for low-temperature ammonia synthesis authored by the team of Paweł Kowalik, Katarzyna Antoniak-Jurak, Paweł Wiercioch, Wioletta Raróg- Pilecka, Magdalena Zybert, Aleksandra Tarka.

During the iENA Trade Fair, taking place between 2-5 November 2017 in Nuremberg, 800 different inventions from 31 countries were presented. The countries included Poland, Italy, Libya, Romania, Moldavia, Turkey, Taiwan, Philippines, the USA, China, Malaysia, Croatia and many others.


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