This year, as in a few former ones, INS took part as an exhibitor in a conference “Nitrogen+Syngas” which was held in Goteborg (26.02 – 01.03.2018).

Specialists from a trade producing synthesis gas, ammonia, hydrogen, and fertilizers take part in this conference.

The Conference is an arena of promotion and development of the best practices in the global nitrogen industry. The agenda of the Conference included not only many technical lectures but also presentation of markets connected with the trade – from gas to fertilizers. That is why it becomes more and more popular among managers of the trades. About 700 representatives from over 50 countries took part in the Conference. There were representatives from the Middle East, North America, Russia, and Asia which are the regions with the highest increase of production capacity of the global nitrogen industry. There were representatives of companies which are already users of catalysts offered by New Chemical Syntheses Institute but also possible clients.


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