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General Director: prof. dr hab. inż. Janusz Igras

+48 81 473 14 00
+48 81 473 14 10

Deputy Director for Research: dr hab. Marcin Konkol

+48 81 473 14 00
+48 81 473 14 10

Deputy Director for Technical Matters: mgr inż. Stanisław Jaworski

+48 81 473 14 06
+48 81 473 14 01



Council of Network Insitute



General Director Section

Human Resources and Payroll Department

Department of Organization, Planing and Analyses Department of Organization, Planning and Analyses

OHS and Fire Safety Inspector

Quality Management Department

Promotion and Support of Research Department



Scientific Director Section

Committee on Assessment of Research Work

Nitrogen Technologies Department

Nitric Acid Technologies Department

Fertilizer Department

Catalysts Department

Supercritical Extraction Department

Organic Technologies Department

Analytical Department

Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Process Engineering



Marketing and Financial Section

Chief Accountant Department

Marketing and Sales Department

Purchase and Material Management Department

Internal Control and Internal Audit Department



Technical Director Section

Department of High Pressure Processing

Chemical Production Department

Department Of Investment And Maintenance Of Technical Resources - (services)

Experimental Farm Goczałków

  • Head: Grzegorz Jawilak
    +48 74 855 95 12
    +48 74 855 98 87
    Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Instytut Nowych Syntez Chemicznych
    Gospodarstwo Doświadczalne Goczałków
    Goczałków Górny 8
    58-152 Goczałków, POLAND




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