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Activator INS-13 is a promoter of potassium carbonate solution which is to be used in industrial plants for CO2 removal from process gas with Benfield/Carsol method.


  • Mixture of amines with carbon chain length of C2-C8, containing 1-5 primary and secondary amine groups.
  • Liquid soluble freely in water and in potassium carbonate solution.
  • It does not change corrosive properties of carbonate solution so there is no need to change anticorrosive protection method of the plant.
  • Delivery in 220 kg barrels.
  • Operational advantages:
    • reduced of CO2 content at the absorber outlet,
    • increased plant efficiency,
    • reduced circulation of washing solution and energy consumption in the regeneration process,
    • reduced losses of the activator and an anti-foaming agent.

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