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The laboratory is a part of Catalyst Department.

Research range of the laboratory: studies on kinetics of many processes using heterogenous catalysts; analysis of catalytic reaction products; preparation of full characteristics of catalyst physicochemical properties, including:

Research work

  • structure of crystalline materials,
  • texture of catalyst specific and active surface,
  • processes of reduction, oxidation and desorption from catalyst surface,
  • sorption processes on solids’ surface up to 50 bar,
  • kinetics of catalytic reactions: methane steam reforming, CO shift conversion, carbon oxide methanation, ammonia synthesis, methanol synthesis, benzene hydrogenation, nitrous oxide decomposition, hydrogenation processes in liquid phase.

Analysis of

  • composition of commercial gases,
  • very low contents of sulfur compounds in gases,
  • fatty acids,
  • other compounds connected with natural gas and synthesis gas processing.

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