Technical Assistance Department has implemented quality management system consistent with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Certification range covers: construction, sale, and repairs of pressure equipment, pressure and non-pressure tanks, pipelines and steel structures.


  • Equipment and apparatus made of carbon steel and acid-resistant stainless steel for chemical industry:
    • pressure tanks consistent with regulations of Technical Inspection Office,
    • mixers of various design,
    • dryers,
    • thickeners,
    • reactors.
  • Complete pilot and production plants, including construction of steel structures, assembly, and equipment piping; blending facilities of granular and powder fertilizers.
  • Storage stations of nitrate-urea solution (RSM) with storage tanks of capacity up to 60 m3.
  • Plants for production of liquid fertilizers: NP, PK, NPK.


  • Centrifugal treatment
  • Heat treatment
  • Electrical and gas welding
  • Plasma-arc cutting and welding
  • Guillotine cutting

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